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I should have known...

"What the hell! We didn't have another month a little bit more... propitious? - I asked in disbelief.

"You know that we didn't, Claire. Sorry for making you postpone your trip again. But we couldn't miss this opportunity, you know ... " She said, trying to pretend that she felt guilty. But in that moment I could have sworn that the guilt went away from her feelings as she pressed her lips repressing a smile.

I sighed.

"Fine, then I'm going home. See you tomorrow. " I ran my hand in my hair and sighed again. Judith nodded and I left the studio, mad.

I wasn't angry with the fact that I was going to get stuck with things to do next week. I was annoyed that I would have to postpone my trip. Again! Don't judge me, I love my job, I really do, but I was thinking of making my trip for a long time.

I needed a rest ... not that my life was very hectic, but I almost never came home. I work in a music school and music producer. Most music festivals taking place in the Midwest U.S. were sponsored by O'Brien Studios and Producer. But most of the time, when I was not setting the stage or creating arrangements of CDs, I was in the studio, just walking back and forth while trying to put order into things.

People always said I was lucky to have met so many cool bands, but in the end I almost never remember their music. Or them at all. I never associated the song with the singer or the band, and therefore did not consider myself a fan of anyone. This was just my job. Search talent show schedule, organize them, organize the stage, produce a CD.

A rest was now more than deserved, I thought, but Judith, owner of the school recorder, was organizing a festival over the next few weeks in the city. That's great! If only she had told me about it before ... At least some of the bands that are coming to the festival are petty nice, I thought with a pinch of black humor.

Instead of going straight home, I went to the beach. I had absolutely nothing to think, so I sat on the sand watching the waves.

When I got home, I grabbed my phone and I called Susie. She was in shock when I said we were not going over to New York no more. I was not sure if she was more mad at me or the festival. And I could not blame her, after all.

I grunted and threw myself on the bed waiting to fall asleep quickly.

I awoke with the sunlight breaking into my window. I tried to open my eyes and i was blind for a few moments. I got ready quickly, took a bit of juice straight from the box, grabbed the car keys and went into the studio.

"Oh, hallelujah, I was beginning to think you got lost." Judith and her comments to bright up my day.

"I am perfectly on schedule. " I made a face of contempt.

"Don't you come all resentful on me, Claire Hopkins. When this is over, I'll even give you a few extra days to make your trip."

"I know. -" I said. Maybe I was exaggerating a bit in my bad mood. But that's just who I am. She squeezed my cheek.

"What would O'Brien be without you, huh? " Laughs. "Some producers of some bands have already contacted us to work with the dates and places."

"Any news?" I was rubbing a loose thread I took of my fist.

"Mary and I were separating bands according to the style of the girls here, you know? " She laughed. "I've select one for you already. Their producer contacted me, they arrive tomorrow."

" May I know who they are?" I asked faking indifference, but I could not disguise my curiosity. I was wondering who I was going to be on this tour by ... a month? two months? I didn't know. And I didn't like not knowing, Judith had never left in the dark more than now.

"Here you are." And she gave me a plate with a sticker pasted on it. The adhesive had five guys, all tattooed arms, posed as bad boys.

"Avenged Sevenfold?" I asked.

"Don't you know them? " Judith looked at me with a strange look in her faded green eyes. For her it was unacceptable to working with music and not knowing any band in any way.

I shrugged.

"I think I've heard somewhere. " The name was not really that weird.

"Okay, their producer is called Michelle and ... I think this is it, they will be here tomorrow." She took a few more plates and gave one to Caroline, who was with several cables on her hand. I read "Three Days Grace" on the name plate on which she received.

I went to the recording room and rode a few more arrangements. The guy who was recording this CD had a nice voice.

Caroline was very upset. He did not like Three Days Grace and had no idea how to work with their producer.

I, on the other hand, was so used to this that I didn't care if that Michelle girl would just be boring or not, or if the band was cool or not. I really did not care.

The only thing that bothered me was that I would travel from Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Neabraska out instead of New York.

When I got home, I was so tired that I fell asleep instantly.

"Judith's gonna to kill me." I told Amanda, the receptionist. I was super late. She giggled when she saw my face down to sleep.

"She's not here yet. But um, some bands have arrived and are in the studio. There are already four bands in there"

"Do you have any idea which one is Avenged Seven...something?" I asked, curious.

"Those guys over there. " She pointed to four of the five men I had seen the sticker on the previous day, all they with solemn expressions.


So, I hope you all like it... I you see any mistake, I'm sorry! Comments?


Liking this.. more please

DaniVengeance DaniVengeance

Updaaaaaaate haha :) I like it a lot!

iceicehockey iceicehockey
I like this. Please update!
i really like it!(:
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