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The Perfect Ending


Every book I read when I was a kid, every story had a perfect, happy ending. An ending where the princess would find her prince, get married and live happily ever after. An ending where the prince would finally find the girl where the shiny, glass-shoe would fit her foot perfectly. An ending where the lovers would manage to break the barriers between them and rules keeping them apart just to live for each other, even if it meant them getting dishonored by their families.

When I grew up I also grew to realize that life wasn’t like that so I never expected to get that perfect ending in my life with my drama. All I wanted was a life where I was pleased with my job, boyfriend and everything else in general. I didn’t ask for a lot of things, nor did I want a lot of things but all I wanted was that I would get my happy ending. My life had not been easy in any way nor did I struggle as much as some others did but the one thing I had always wanted since I was a little girl was to get my perfect ending. I wanted to find my prince charming and live happily ever after with him.

But life sucks and you don’t always getting the things you ask for not even the simplest things. Sometimes you never get what you wish for even if it’s only been one time you’ve actually begged and pleaded for something so badly yet you still don’t get it. You actually get the quiet opposite. At least that’s what I learned.

My life was good until that one week where everything seemed as if it had turned and slowly went downhill. Everything was falling apart and my heart got broken, but I had tried to see past that but faith wouldn’t have it that way. I managed to fight through the tears and pain, to try and repair the damage but as soon as I felt like things might work it happened. Everything turned black and all of the sudden I felt as if I was on a cloud and all I could see were white. I could see my father and mother who were supposed to be dead, reaching out with their hands and pulling me along with them walking down a path that had no turning back.

That was when I realized, that I wasn’t coming back and that I hadn’t got the perfect ending to my story.

One last kiss
before I go
Dry your tears,
it is time to let you go…


Lexi Adams Kate Upton

So I decided to start a story based on an idea I've been thinking about for a while! It'll be a short story and a sad one at that, therefore the 'deceiving' title. :)

Also this was the introduction, beside this one there will be seven chapters. One for each day of the week but it'll be posted when I feel like it!

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