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Don't Think Twice It's Alright

Chapter 2

It was the summer of 2005. My friends Lisa, Kate and I were thrilled to finally visit California. San Francisco one week, Los Angeles the next and now we were planted in a hotel that was beach front in Huntington Beach. Compared to the previous cities, this place was so laid back and relaxing. We needed some calmness though, so we didn’t complain. This was just our last week in California before heading back to the East Coast.

During the days we would waste away shopping, going into some local market places, a few zoos, and basic tourist stuff. But at night, even the beach came alive with excitement. The nightlife in California was something to behold...much better than the club scenes back home.

It was Friday evening around 8:30 when we headed into town. There were lots of bars to choose from, but we chose to go into Johnny's first. The place was almost entirely empty when we walked inside. The bartender looked up and when he saw us, quickly hustled towards us.

“Sorry ladies, we aren’t open to the public yet.” he explained.

We noticed the few inhabitants of the club looking over to us when they heard us speak.

“We’re sorry,” Lisa answered. “Come on girls.”

“Wait!” a voice called out. We turned around and saw a long haired, tattooed man coming towards us. “Hey Johnny, it’s cool.” he said.

“Alright man,” he answered, turning to walk back to the bar.

The man turned and looked at us, “Would you ladies like to join us?”

We giggled like a group of school girls and followed behind him. I nudged Kate as we walked to the table. Under my breath I whispered, “Is it just me or is that guy fucking HOT?!?!?!” She started to laugh and covered her mouth quickly, mouthing ‘shut up’ to me.

Indeed he was. It took all I had in me not to reach out and feel his skin.

“Have a seat,” he began. “Guys, this is...oh shit,” he stopped and covered his smile with his hand. “I didn’t catch y’all’s names.”

“I’m Lisa. That’s Kate and Theo,” Lisa introduced. I smiled shyly and stood almost entirely behind Kate, embarrassed to be seen. I had always been intimidated by a good looking man, it was just in my nature.

“Nice to meet you ladies. I’m Matt. These are some people I work with.” he stated. His company said scattered ‘hellos’ and threw waves and smiles our way.

As we sat down, we all raced for the empty chair beside Matt, almost knocking each other over in exuberance. Lisa beat us. Thankfully, no one else noticed our scuffle for the front row seat.

“So where do you guys work?” Lisa inquired. “Do you guys live here?”

“We play music and yes, we live here. Born and raised," Matt replied.

The three of us exchanged glances and grinned at each other. Ah, a rock star. “You don’t look familiar. Are you sure this isn’t some ploy to meet women?” Kate asked.

Matt let out a deep, throaty laugh, “I’m pretty sure.”

He leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his beer.

“M. Shadows,” I blurted out.

He looked at me and gave me a very warm smile. “Yeah, that's me.”

Oh my god, I remember thinking to myself. I drooled all over myself when I saw him in videos on TV.

“So what band are you in?” Lisa continued.

“We're called Avenged Sevenfold," he laughed again.

What a gorgeous smile it was. Perfect, glowing white teeth, full, luscious lips...oh those lips. I looked at his mouth while he talked more than I looked him in the eye. A few more people sauntered in and a crowd was beginning to form. Crew and band members filled the tables. I felt really out of place and awkward. Everyone started talking and I just kind of spaced out into my own little world. Matt must have noticed because he got up and drug a chair over next to me.

He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, close to my face. “So what do you do, Theo?” he asked me softly.

I became a bundle of nerves. He was so close to me I could feel his warm breath on my face. “I'm actually in a band myself,” I answered.

“Seriously? What do you play?” he inquired, flashing me that heart-stopping smile again.

I grinned at him bashfully. “We're a psychobilly band...I play upright bass and sing a little,” I laughed nervously.

"No shit?" he questioned. "I fucking love psychobilly music. Have I ever heard of the band?"

"Doubt it," I admitted with a chuckle. "We're pretty much only known on the East Coast."

"Well, what's the band called?"

"Promise not to laugh?" I gave him a serious stare.

"Promise," he continued to smile at me.

"Hillbillies On Speed," I could feel my skin flush in embarrassment. Knowing that he was in a metal band made me very self conscious. Here I was, a little southern girl from North Carolina that played music in a band with the word Hillbillies in it.

Hours flew by in what seemed like minutes. Matt and I had managed to slip into our own corner of the bar without being missed. We talked about everything; movies, music, our personal lives, childhood stories, you name it. I felt myself getting more and more comfortable in his presence. He was very down to earth and sweet.

“Matt, we're getting ready to head out,” a woman broke into our conversation.

I felt my stomach sink. Oh no...he was leaving. Was that it? Would he just be gone like that, never to see him again? I kept thinking all the worst possible scenarios, being the negative person I am.

He smiled at the woman, “Alright, I’ll be right out.” He moved his sight back to me. “I’ve had a lot of fun tonight, Theo.”

“Me too,” I choked out, almost letting it out that I was sad to see him go. I managed to break my lips into a small smile.

Both of us stood up facing each other.

“What hotel are you in?” he asked.

“Fig Street Hotel,” I answered, my spirits rising a little again.

Matt took out a piece of paper and scratched down some information on it and then handed it to me. I looked down and it read, “Matt’s cell: 555-7831”. My stomach jumped in excitement, but my face remained calm.

“I’m giving you that just in case,” he gave me a seductive smile and leaned forward, pulling me tight in his arms.

I didn’t want him to stop...I thought to myself. I could stand here forever and be totally happy for the rest of my life. As we broke our embrace, we said a few last good-byes and he promised me that we would see each other again, soon.


This was great. I really loved reading this story. Great work. I hope you update this soon.
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores