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Don't Think Twice It's Alright

Chapter 1

“Just don’t say anything that will embarrass me,” he said as he sat on the corner of the bed with our dog beside him, both watching me get dressed. He was still half dressed, only waking up to give me a few last minute pointers.

Facing towards him, I paused. The button half pushed through the hole on my blouse, cocking my head to the side, I had an evil cock in my brow. “What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?” I laughed at his paranoia. “Like, he never puts the toilet seat down or how about my favorite? He scratches his ass on the way to the bathroom first thing in the morning.”

He started to laugh and grabbed a pillow from behind him and roughly threw it at me. “Yeah, something like that,” he replied with a sarcastic-joking tone in his voice.

I was finally dressed, wearing wool pinstripe dress pants, and a white v-neck T-shirt underneath a black blazer. I might be dressed up, but no matter the situation, my footwear has to reflect what I like...they were boots.

“Ok, I gotta go. I don’t want to be late,” I said before walking over to him and stealing a quick kiss before strolling out the bedroom door. He came behind me, the dog in tow.

“Remember what I told you, yeah?” he did a check. As he finished his sentence, the dog plopped down beside his feet and let out a whining yawn before laying his head down on
the floor.

“Honey, you’re even boring Roman with your never-ending crap,” I teased. “Everything will go smooth, so quit being a freak and relax will ya?”

He nodded and I opened the front door. “Smooches,” I smiled and put on my sunglasses.

“Smooches,” he called back.
I was actually nervous on the way to my destination. Almost 3 years later and this is just now happening? I thought about how weird the day was going to be. No doubt it would be fun, but long...

Gliding into the parking lot, I looked for a safe spot to park my Escalade. Not because I was worried it would be stolen or scratched, but more like I was scared parking it, period. Parking a car, especially a big SUV, isn’t one of my skills. Finally, the car was securely parked and may I add that I did an excellent job.

I strolled up to the front of the building, finding a buzz box beside the door. I lifted up my sunglasses and leaned closer to read the names of the businesses located in the building. “524-Jones & Philbin Attorney’s at Law...no...maybe later. Ah, there it is,” I said aloud. Pushing the button I heard the door click open and walked inside.

The interior was gorgeous. Ruby red carpet, black walls with art galore-including magazine covers, movie and TV promos, and various tall, green plants were scattered around. A cute little brunette sat behind a huge gray desk, wearing a headset and gabbing away on the phone and the random visitors to her desk.

I waited for the people to clear out and I moved up in front of her. “Please hold,” she said into her headset. “Hey hun, can I help you with something?” she asked me.

I smiled at her, “Uh, yes. I’m here to see Sandy Gourgess.”

“Can I tell her who’s here?” she asked politely.

“Theo Sanders,” I answered.

“Ok one moment,” she said, reaching over to her phone, pushing the call button. “Ms. Gourgess, Theo Sanders is here to see you.”

“Thank you Bridgette,” I heard her answer.

“Just have a seat Mrs. Sanders, she’ll be right out,” Bridgette smiled and quickly went back to answer the phone.

I turned to walk towards the waiting area, but right before I sat down, Sandy came out from a door beside Bridgette’s desk. She was an older lady, probably about 45 or so. Her outfit screamed “power suit” and she had a very friendly, intelligent face.

“Hi there Mrs. Sanders,” she said, extending her hand out to greet me.

I took her hand in mine and gave it a firm shake. “Hi,” I smiled.

“If you’ll just come with me, we’ll get this adventure under way,” she smiled back.

I followed her through a massive maze of hallways and cubicles, finally reaching a dark oak door with a gold name plate on the front reading Sandy Gourgess. She opened the door and motioned for me to go in before her.

The office almost looked more like an apartment than a place of business. “Wow, I wish I had an office like this where I used to work,” I teased in astonishment.

I sat down on a plush red couch that was lost amongst bookshelves full of old issues of magazines.

“Well Mrs. Sanders, let me start by telling you a little bit about us and what we are wanting to accomplish today,” she started. “Let me tell you that we’re all excited that you agreed to come and talk to us,” she said, taking a seat behind her desk.

“It’s my pleasure Sandy,” I replied. “So what’s the low down?” I asked.

She inhaled loudly and exhaled even louder, laughing afterward. “As you know, here at E! we are quite popular all over the nation. We like to do specials once in a while about wives of famous men. Millions of women around the world couldn’t argue that you in fact have a story that we all want to hear! We expect this episode to be our most popular ever,” she explained.

It wasn’t weird to me to imagine that in fact millions of women all over the planet would love to hear the story I have to tell. If I was on the outside looking in, I’d want to hear it. A story of girl meets amazing man that has became a huge rock star and getting to have him forever, like others could only dream about.

“So first thing’s first? How did you and Matt first meet?” she inquired.

Relaxing my back against the couch, I began to go into deep memories. “I was in California on vacation with some girlfriends....”


This was great. I really loved reading this story. Great work. I hope you update this soon.
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores