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Don't Think Twice It's Alright


Author: yema
Rating: NC -17 for language, sexual content and some violence.
Archive: Please ask!
Feedback: Yup, I know you got opinions ladies, lemme have it!!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own the essence that is Matt Sanders. Any famous people contained herein are not mine either..I'm not trying to offend anyone by portraying them in a harsh manner-it's just make-believe!
Summary: Matt fell in love, got married and forgets the world...but the world sniffs after the couple like a pack of rabid dogs. What is the price of being "almost famous"?


“Just don’t say anything that will embarrass me,” he said as he sat on the corner of the bed with our dog beside him, both watching me get dressed. He was still half dressed, only waking up to give me a few last minute pointers.

Facing towards him, I paused. The button half pushed through the hole on my blouse, cocking my head to the side, I had an evil cock in my brow. “What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?” I laughed at his paranoia. “Like, he never puts the toilet seat down or how about my favorite? He scratches his ass on the way to the bathroom first thing in the morning.”

He started to laugh and grabbed a pillow from behind him and roughly threw it at me. “Yeah, something like that,” he replied with a sarcastic-joking tone in his voice.



This was great. I really loved reading this story. Great work. I hope you update this soon.
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores