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I'd Give My All

Letting Go

Everyone was running around like a chickens with their heads cut off, making sure everything was in order, the bride had everything she needed and the groom was happy. I was helping Nikki get in her dress while everyone else was making sure this wedding was to go as planned. The whole time she held a beautiful smile on her lips, and I couldn't help but be happy for her.

“I'm so happy for you right now,” I admitted. “This is everything you've wanted.”

“I know, I'm having a hard time believing that this is actually happening right now. I feel like the past few years has been a dream and I'm about to wake up.”

I pinched the back of her arm, and snickered when she yelped. “You're not dreaming.”

“Bitch.” She stuck her tongue out at me through the mirror and I laughed loudly. “I wonder how the guys are doing?”

“Do you want me to go and see?”


I laughed, shaking my head as I left the room, making sure I closed the door immediately after I exited. I walked across the hall and knocked on the other door, making sure everyone was decent before I walked in.

“How is everyone in here?”

“Good,” Brian said, eying me up a little as he walked over to me. “Matt's kind of panicking a little.”

“What? Why?” I walked over to Matt without Brian's answer. Matt was leaned over on the counter breathing a little heavy.

“Matt, what's the matter?”

“I'm having a panic attack, I think.” I told him to take a couple of deep breaths and holding them for a second before letting them out slowly. It seemed to calm him down enough to where he could stand up straight. “I just started freaking out for no reason. Then all these thoughts about Nikki backing out scared me.”

“Matthew Charles Sanders,” I slapped his arm, but it didn't really do anything. “I can't believe the words coming out of your mouth. Nikki is in the other room about to burst from being so happy. There is no way that she'd back out on you.”

“You're right,” He hugged me unexpectedly, crushing me to where it was getting hard to breathe. “I don't know what I'd do without you.”

“Hey man,” Brian said, laughing as he walked over to us. “Katie is turning purple,”

“Oh shit!”

I became dizzy as the air rushed back into my lungs when Matt let go of me. I ushered everyone out of the room to take their places at the alter. Matt was the last one to leave the room, and he gave me a gentle hug this time before leaving. I sighed deeply, now that I was by myself and was about to sit down when Brian came back and told me I was needed out there too. I had almost forgotten that I was the first to walk out with Brian.

The music started when Nikki walked out of the room she was getting ready in. I gave her a thumbs up before I had to walk down the isle. I watched as Matt winked at me, and I pretended that I was the one he was waiting for, but it soon ended when I walked past him to stand on the side.

Nikki was glowing when it was her turn to walk down the isle. Matt had the biggest smile on his fast that I've ever seen him have, and I could feel my eyes started to tear up and my sight get blurry. I sniffed and blinked my tears away, accepting Nikki's bouquet when she handed it to me. She grabbed Matt's outstretched hands and their smiles never left their face.

I did cry when they said their 'I do's' but it went unnoticed by everyone but Brian, whom sent me a sympathetic look. I smiled weakly in return.

Nikki and Matt ran out of the church hand in hand. We followed behind them, waving as they made their way to the awaiting limo. Nikki stopped and turned around with Matt mimicking her actions to see who was going to catch her bouquet. She turned around to throw it, but I had been the one to reach up and catch it by surprise. She winked at me, but I stood there frozen, staring at it.

It wasn't until they were driving away that I had walked out to watch them leave. Matt turned in his seat, looking at me. For the first time since I had known him, I couldn't read what he was thinking, so I did the only thing I could at this point. I waved to him goodbye, in my way of letting him go.


The End. I'll be posting the sequel later, be sure to look out for it.


lol my name is Nikki too xD
This was so cute! I loved it! Even if she didn't get her happy ending. Sometimes that happens! That's why I loved it so much! Great work.!
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores
Awwwwwwwww..... This was really beautiful :D Well done.
The Pies Endure The Pies Endure

Thank you a bunch, bby! be sure to check out the sequel.
poorsadpoofy poorsadpoofy
OH MY GATES... this is so sad... loved this story :D
Paula.shads23 Paula.shads23