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I'd Give My All

The Announcement

It wasn't unusual for everyone in our group to go out eating together, but it was rare that we got everyone and their families to come along. I took my seat in between Nikki and Zacky, glancing over at Matt and smiling in return when he sent a wink to me. I looked down the table at the people I had grown close to over the years I have been friends with the guys, wondering what tonight would hold.

Throughout dinner, I kept sneaking glances at Matt when he wasn't looking at me, but was staring lovingly at Nikki, whose hand was clasped tight in his. I swallowed down my jealousy with my coke that was now watered down from the ice melting. I watched as they stood up, Matt clanking his knife against the neck of his beer bottle to get everyone's attention. I caught Nikki's eye and she smiled brightly at me, and I could see the excitement in her eyes.

I'm glad everyone could make it out tonight, Matt started, pausing momentarily to look down at his girlfriend. 'cause we have some big news to tell everyone.

My eyes widened twice their size, dreading whatever news they had to share. Of course it would bring joy to them and our friends, but I was pretty sure it would break my heart.

We're getting married! Nikki shouted before Matt could, but he leaned down to kiss her when everyone started to clap and cheer.

I caught Brian's eye, who was sitting in front of me, and he shot me a look of sympathy before standing up to congratulate the couple. I mimicked his actions, with less enthusiasm and unfortunately for me, Nikki noticed it.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I hugged her, sniffing and blinking rapidly to keep my tears at bay. I'm so happy for you, I'm just a little disappointed I wasn't notified as soon as he asked you.

I'm sorry, we wanted to surprise everyone.

It's okay.

She hugged me again, before I excused myself to the restroom. I walked briskly away from the table and locked myself in the stall before fat tears started rolling down my cheeks. I grabbed some toilet paper and wadded it up to blot my eyes. I heard the bathroom door open and I silenced my cries.

Katie? Brian's voice filled the empty girl's bathroom, and I unlocked my door to look at him in confusion.

What are you doing in here? I cried, but all he did was shush me and walked into the stall I was in and closed the door behind himself. We didn't speak after that, and he took me into his arms and ran a hand through my hair to calm me.

Out of all the guys, Brian and I were the closest. Even though I have known Matt the longest, I couldn't confide with Matt like I could with Brian. Brian has kept my biggest secret when I knew that the other guys would of blabbed it in their many drunken stupors. I wrapped my arms around Brian's waist and cried into his shoulder. Everyone thought we were secretly dating, but it was strictly friendship between us. No one could ever replace Matt in my heart.

It was my fault that I was in this predicament to begin with, but that didn't stop the hole in my heart from growing bigger. I was the stupid one that didn't tell Matt how I felt in the first place. Hell, I even introduced Nikki to Matt, which was basically setting them up. I should of known that Nikki was perfect for him. My two best friends were getting married. I should have been happy, but I was standing in a stall in the girl's bathroom with Brian holding me, crying my eyes out.

I eventually pulled myself together and fixed my makeup. Brian and I walked out together, not really caring at the moment what the situation looked like. We returned to the table and acted like the whole bathroom scene didn't happen and concentrated on doting on the cutest couple in the world. After the dinner was over, I drove home in a daze.

Once I pulled into the driveway, I sat there and thought about if things were different, and I was the one getting married to Matt Sanders. I imaged the wedding of my dreams and us having kids  two sons and a daughter that would be a daddy's girl. I sighed, knowing that the scenario was never going to happen. He loved Nikki, not me.

I was sitting on the couch, watching some cheesy soap opera when the door knob started to jiggle. I watched as it opened and Matt struggled to walk in with all his bags. I jumped up and came to his rescue, grabbing a suitcase from him and set it down next to the couch I was just sitting on. Matt placed his other bags there too, before turning towards me and smiling, wrapping his strong arms around me and spun me around until I was dizzy.

I thought you weren't suppose to be home from tour until next week! I exclaimed, holding him out at arms length to look him over, seeing the changes he's undergone over the last six months.

I thought I would surprise you, He hugged me again, but this time, he kept me on the ground. I missed you.

I missed you too, I murmured into his chest.

Were you bored without me around? He asked, picking up his luggage and carried it into his room.

Nah, I shouted, I had too many parties to notice you were gone.

Bullshit, I am the life of all parties.

I rolled my eyes and helped him with the last bag. After all his things were stored away in his room, he plopped down on the bed and threw an arm over his face. Man, I'm tired.

I smacked his leg, Too bad, we're going out to celebrate you being home.

He groaned, but I didn't stay in his room long enough if he was getting up or not. I went into my room, grabbing some clothes before walking into the bathroom. I closed the door in Matt's face, laughing in victory that I had beat him in there.

Awe, come on Katie! You know I haven't showered properly in six months!

That's why I'm showering before you. You would use all the hot water and then I wouldn't be ready in time.

He groaned before I heard his foot steps retreating from the door. I turned on the water and looked into the mirror. I didn't realize I liked Matt a lot more than friends until he went away for his first tour without me. I shook the thoughts away while I got undressed before I climbed into the shower. I hurried and washed my hair and body before getting out, knowing well that Matt needed to shower.

He walked in behind me, smacking my ass before shutting the door and locking it. I rolled my eyes and skipped to my room, getting ready to get drunk off my ass.

While Matt was gone on that tour, I had met Nikki. We had a lot of things in common, and was an Avenged Sevenfold fan. I didn't tell her that I knew the guys and lived with the lead singer until a couple of months. I wanted to make sure she wouldn't use me, because it had happened before. We began to get really close, and I finally introduced Nikki to Matt one day and the rest was history. It was almost love at first sight for them, except that I didn't believe in that. They started to date and before I knew what was happening, Matt was moving out of our little apartment that we had lived together in for the last five years, and was moving into their own little house. And tonight, they announced that they were taking the next step in their relationship.

I dragged myself into my little two bedroom house and didn't even dare to turn on any lights. I went straight into the kitchen and grabbed my vodka bottle out of the freezer. I thought about getting a cup, but shrugged the idea away. I brought the bottle to my lips and the rest of the night was a little hazy.


lol my name is Nikki too xD
This was so cute! I loved it! Even if she didn't get her happy ending. Sometimes that happens! That's why I loved it so much! Great work.!
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores
Awwwwwwwww..... This was really beautiful :D Well done.
The Pies Endure The Pies Endure

Thank you a bunch, bby! be sure to check out the sequel.
poorsadpoofy poorsadpoofy
OH MY GATES... this is so sad... loved this story :D
Paula.shads23 Paula.shads23