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No Strings Attached


“Stop, Matt” I giggle, failing at my serious facade. While my best friend, kisses my neck, turning me on while at it

We are in his playroom. He is sitting on the bench and I'm sitting on the floor in the middle of his legs, we were about to play COD. But of course, he has other plans

“Matt, I thought we were going to play COD” I say, trying to make him stop. Failing at it

“C'mon, baby, I do wanna play. But with your tits” he says, while rubbing them above my shirt.

I lean my head back, enjoying way too much his touch. He kisses my ear, my jaw, my lips, I don't know where did he came into the floor with me, but I don't care. I let myself go at his touch. I turn around so I can face him, I sit in his lap and we start this huge make out session, and I feel how his ‘not-so-little’ friend wants to come out to play. I moan into his mouth. I want him, I do!

But I wanted to do something else than fuck with him. I barely spend time with him, other than the one we spend on the studio, and on the guys house's and hanging out... Oh! what the hell!

I break apart from him and I stand up from his lap, his eyes not leaving mine’s and I see his desire and lust, clouding his senses.

“Where the fuck are you going, Kira?” he asks “Are you seriously, leaving me like this?” he points at his crotch, but I just shrug and I leave the room, towards the kitchen. But not before I hear his groan from the room.

I run to the kitchen and I fill a glass with water, trying to control my heartbeats. I run a hand through my hair and soon a pair of arms are on my waist, hugging me from behind, I smile almost instantly

“So you think you can just run from me, leaving me with a hard on?” he whispers in my ear, pushing himself against my ass, so I can feel his erection “That's just mean, Kira”

“I- I'm just not in the mood” What the fuck is that everytime I'm near him, I act like a fucking pussy!

He chuckles “That's why you ran away from me?” he starts rubbing circles in hips, his chin resting on my shoulder

“May-Maybe” I know he can hear my pussy voice. SHIT!

He lets out a laugh “That upstairs, didn’t sound me to you not being in the mood” he says and I flush with a giggle

“Shut up” I say playfully, trying to walk away from him, but he doesn’t releases me, instead he picks me up and drops me in the kitchen table, with him in the middle of my legs, spreading them apart, my arms around his neck, and his arms resting low in my hips.

“Tell me to shut up again and…”

“And what?” I dare him “You will spank me? Fuck me hard?” I bite my lip “Nothing you haven’t done before, hun” I grin

“Oh, you…” he tears my shirt apart and grabs my braless breasts in his hands and squeeze them lightly, making my body respond to his touch.

“Hey! That was a new top” his tongue finds my nipple and sucks and bites it hard while his hand, squeeze and play with my other breast “Oh, my...” I start squirming under his touch, and I throw my head back, while he continues his work. He stops playing with my breasts and kisses me hard, his tongue invading my mouth and playing with mine.

His hand lowers until he finds the buttons from my pants and yes, he rips those too “Are you planning on destroying all my clothes?” I ask breathless and he just shrugs “If they're on my way to fuck you senseless... Yes”

I roll my eyes and he takes what's left of my shorts, teasing me with his slow movements through my legs, my thighs until he finds the strings from my underwear

“I hope you’re not very attached to this” he smirks and tears them apart from me, leaving me completely nude. He licks his bottom lip, like a kid who’s about to enjoy a delicious meal. He runs his hand down on my stomach, until he reaches and cups my warmth. I don't know why but that tiny thought of ‘You-should-not-be-doing-this’ is on my mind, but the moans coming out of me when he starts teasing my clit with his thumb does a pretty good job covering it.

He nibbles on my earlobe, while he continues teasing me, and his other hand plays with my breast

“I think, I think” I pant

He smirks against my neck “What, baby?”

“I think you’re way over dressed” I smirk,

“Do something about it then” he says and drops his hands from my breast and pussy

I take his shirt off, leaving his upper body, completely nude, my eyes admiring his covered by tattoos body and I can’t help but to bite my lower lip.

“See something you like?” he asks and I nod

“And I haven’t even take your pants off” I smirk, running my hands through his chest until I found his belt and I released it, dropping it to the floor and I undo this pants, leaving in his boxers, or the tent he has already in it, he steps out from the pants and takes his boxers off, releasing his dick and I admire in awe, no matter how many times I’ve had sex with this man, he doesn’t ends to amaze me. Fucking horsecock!

He kisses me again and takes his huge cock, positioning himself between my legs, while I see how close our bodies are. “No foreplay today, baby, you’ve had enough of that” he says and kisses me again distracting me and when he penetrates me, I can’t help but to moan, my mouth open forming the shape of an ‘O’.

“Just a little more, babe” he kisses and sucks that place in my neck and I can’t concentrate in the little pain I feel, when he is giving me all this pleasure. When he finally is in, he stays still for a moment and then he starts to move, leaning his head in my shoulder, his hands supporting him on the table and his moans and grunts in my ear. While my hands clings to his shoulders, my fingers tangling in his hair and my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Shit! Kira!” he says through clenched teeth “You’re always so tight around my cock, babe”

“Oh! Oh, my fucking God!” I scream when his movements increase

“If you prefer to call me like that, fine by me” I can see his smirk and I can’t help but smirk with him


“You like that, huh?” he moans against my neck, while my head is thrown back “You like how good I fuck you, don’t you?” he kisses my throat, going for my lips

“Hmmm” I moan, not able to form words at the moment “Fuck!” I hiss

“Harder!” I say and he pushes me down so my back is against the table, and starts fucking me, harder and faster.

I moan, I’m getting closer and closer to my release, his hand goes to my clit and starts rubbing it helping me get my release, he knows I’m close, he knows my body to well, and he knows what he does to me. He kisses my neck, before give him a bite and I soon came, milking his cock while he grunts and suddenly, out of nowhere, he pulls himself out of me, leaving me so fucking empty. He pulls me by my legs off the table so I can stand up.

“Bend over” he says, sweat dripping from his forehead, covering his whole body and I now he hasn't got his release. He is still so fucking hard. This should be fun “I wanna take your ass”

“Oh, baby” I smirk “When you do not?” I tease and I bend over, my breasts press against the table, and his hand on my lower back, holding me in place

“You're ready, my little teaser?” he asks and I nod

“Hold the edges, baby” he says “It's gonna be a bumpy ride” And then he is in me again, this time on my rear entrance, fucking me literally against the table, the table starts to move due to our fuckery and I cling to the edges so I won't drop to the floor, cause I feel how week my knees are and his hand is caressing my ass, before he slaps the cheek, making me release a moan

“You like that, don't you?” he says in my ear, his chest press against my back, adding more pression, more to the hot ball that is forming again

“Oh, god! Yes! Matt! Yes, I do!” I say and he slaps my cheek again.

“I. Fucking. Love. Being. Bury. Inside. You!” he says with a pound between every word, making me arch my back for him, but he pushes me down, slapping my bottom

“OH FUCK!” I yell “Fuck! fuck! fuck!” he continues slapping me and this is way too much, I don't think I can't handle it, but I want him to get his release


“If you come, I'll tie you to the bed and I'll spank the life out of you, to then fuck you until I get what it's mine ” he says


“Maybe I wanna be tied up” I say between moans

“Fucking shit, Kira!” he groans, grabbing me by my hair, making me arch my back so it touches his hard, sweaty and toned chest “I love when you defy me” he says continuing his hard and rough movements. I hold myself, tangling my arms around his neck, while he sucks into that spot in my neck, his fingers holding me in place.

“Baby, I don't think I can hold any lon—”

“Shhhh” he cooes “I know, baby, I know I'm close, you know why? Cause you're so fucking tight” he lifts himself from my back and his hand is traveling down my spine, making me arch myself at his touch, moaning, and I can only beg for him to come soon. I can't hold any longer so, I clench my walls against his dick, trying to help him get his release.

“Fucking fuck, Kira!” he grunts “AHHH! FUCK!” he screams when his release is finally in

Thank. Fucking. God!

I cum with him, screaming his name, not thinking on how his neighbors can hear us, I can feel how our juices are mixing together and running down my legs.

He supports himself in his arms, on the table, recovering some air and pushes himself out of me, and kisses me softly and sweet.

“I can't believe you make me cum twice” I say “In less than 30 minutes”

“Aw, c'mon Kira, you and I both know, I have made you cum more times in 30 minutes” he smirks his face relaxed, his body resting in the table cover in sweat. Our sweat “I can believe YOU make me cum twice” he adds and I look at him with a puzzled look

“I thought—”

“That I didn't cum when you came? Oh, I did” he says cutting me off “But I wanted your ass. And thruth be told, I don't think I'm ever gonna get enough of you” he smirks

“Asshole” I mutter, picking my damaged shirt “You destroyed all my fucking clothes!” he rolls his eyes and offers me his shirt to cover my body

“I don’t want anybody looking at what it’s mine” he says smirking at me, while his hands rest behind his head and I look at him, cover in sweat and totally naked in his kitchen table. I put the shirt on, and it looks like a dress in me, but whatever, it's best than walking around without any clothes around the house and giving Matt access to fuck me at any time, any place he wants.

I throw his pants at him and he cocks an eyebrow at me “I don’t want anybody looking at what it’s mine” I imitate him, mockingly

He just smirks and puts the pants on.

“And don't you think I do not know what you did. Clenching your walls, so I could cum faster” he says “I think a few spanks are on their way over”

“After” I say “I need a shower”

“I'll join you” he says “No sex, I mean I do need a shower or you want me walking around the house, smelling like sex”

“C'mon, smellie” I say

“After that shower, I'll tie you up” he says in my ear, before picking me up bridal style to the bathroom.

Let me tell you something when he says, 'No there will be no sex...' That's a fucking lie. We fuck, yeah against a shower wall... I'll admit. That was hot.

I’m passing through the bathroom floor, while I wait for the test result. How could I let this happen? How could I be so stupid?

You were horny! My subconscious scowls at me

“Ping!” My Blackberry sounds indicating that the test is ready, I take it, closing my eyes and I take a deep intake of air before I read the result.


I suddenly feel very dizzy and I feel the urge to sit, but instead I just lean against the wall, trying to take in what I already knew. I mean I have morning sickness, my crazy cravings and he has mentioned my breasts were bigger.


Oh fuck! What am I going to do? How am I going to tell him this? Am I even going to tell him? I mean, he is my best friend for fuck sakes!

My best friend Matt Sanders and I; know each other since we were 5 years old, we used to fought in kindergarten over who got the last cookie. He obviously always let me win, because all that bullshit of ‘you’re a girl’ blah. We are now 25 years old, friends since a long ass time and now friends with benefits. We fuck without the complications of a relationship, it was good for us, cause when we were 22, Matt’s girlfriend in that time, Val, cheated on him and my boyfriend in that time Chris cheated on me with… guess who? Val!

Anyways after Matt and I drowned our sorrows in booze, we had sex. Next morning awkwardness filled the air, but we talked and we both agreed to have a sexually strict relationship, I mean we had great sex and we didn’t wanted to get hurt, it was perfect.

But nothing is ever that easy. I, fool as I am, fell in love with him. Yes, I, Kira love my best friend Matt, my fuck buddy, the guy who I agree to have a fling.

Great, just fucking great!

And now this! I never considered the small and tiny possibility that I could get pregnant. We use condoms and I'm on the pill, but that day, that evil and awesomeday, I totally forgot to take my pill and the worst part we were horny as hell, and it didn’t took long before I was screaming his name while he fucked me against the kitchen table, so basically I really never had a chance to ask him for a condom.

“Kira?” I hear someone call my name. Oh, no

The only one who has a key to enter my apartment is Matt. Fuck!

I took the test pregnancy box and I threw it on the trash. My little stick with the ‘marvelous’ result is in the floor and when I was about to threw it away with everything else, Matt enters the bathroom

“Kira, baby what are you doing?” he asks and I turn around quickly hiding the test in my jeans

“Nothing” I reply, trying to smile, failing at it of course

“Have you been crying, sweetie?” he asks me, concern writing in his voice

I shake my head no, and he sighs, he knows when something is wrong, but he almost never knows what “I know something’s wrong, Kira, tell me”

I shake my head and I walk towards him, I kiss him, hard. I don’t know if after I give him this news, he would be up to the idea of continue our no strings attaches relationship, no, with a baby in the middle, even I’m not sure of being able to have a thing like that with a baby on the middle.

“I think you're happy to see me” he breathes with a smirk on his face

If only you knew

I nod, looking at him and he traps my lips once more, in a hot makeout session

“Matt” I moan against his mouth. I need him. Now.

How fuck up are you!?! You just found out you're pregnant and the first thing you wanna do is fuck!?!

Yes. Hormons. Sue me.

He presses me against the bathroom door and I wrap my legs around his waist, while he traps my arms above my head. He stops the kissing and he grins at me, while I try to catch my breath, he takes my hand and he guides me to the bed, but when I pull myself apart from the door, the test falls to the floor with a loud ‘ping!’ and I know I’m screw.

I close my eyes, tightly pretending that this isn’t happening, that he isn’t watching the pregnancy test right now. But he is.

I sit in the bed and I let my body hit the bed, while a pillow covers my face.

“Kira…” he trails “Wha-What’s this?” he slurs

Oh, god he is nervous. He doesn’t like it. I'm..... fuck!

Just my luck.

I sigh “It’s a pregnancy test, Matt”

“I know what it is, Ki” he replies “I’m asking you what it means?”

I sigh, not knowing what to say


“I’m pregnant” I cut him

I take a deep breathe, while I watch him, his mouth forming an ‘O’, his eyes wide open, and he is in shock.

Yep, this is the end of our fuckery friendship.

“I-I’m sorry, Matt” I say containing the tears “I'm not going to force you to do something you…-” Oh shit! The tears are threatening to come out “You don’t want” and then I run away from the room, leaving him behind.

I couldn’t bear to see him, his rejection, is something I cannot stand at this moment, not with this hormons.

And my feelings all over the place.

Stupid hormons!

I walk into the basement, well the playroom, in here I have my videogames, my guitar, my drums. Sometimes the guys use to come and we jam a little, they even record here when they are too lazy to go the studio

“I should have know better” I whisper and I take a seat by the lounge chair, taking my acoustic guitar and I prepare myself to play. I don’t expect to Matt be here any longer, he probably must have already go.

“Don't worry kiddo” I said, rubbing my stomach lightly “I'm here for you, and maybe your daddy will who knows” I shake my head, into the thoughts of Matt accepting this, and wanting to step up and be a father, I mean after all we are just 25 years old!

I sob loudly and I start playing 'If You're James Dean, I'm Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping Wth Sirens'

Stay for tonight
If you want to
I can show you
What my dreams are made of,
as I'm dreaming of your face
I've been away for a long time
Such a long time
And I miss you there
I can't imagine being anywhere else
I can't imagine being anywhere else but here

How the hell did you ever pick me?
Honestly, Cause I could sing you a song
But I don't think words can express your beauty
It's singing to me
How the hell did we end up like this?
You bring out the beast in me
I fell in love from the moment we kissed
Since then we've been history

They say that love is forever
Your forever is all that I need
Please stay as long as you need
Can't promise that things won't be broken
But I swear that I will never leave
Please stay forever with me


The way that we are
It's the reason I stay
As long as you're here with me
I know we'll be Ok...

I stop not being able to continue, the tears are now rolling down my cheeks. I drop my hand against the strings and I lean the guitar against the wall, and then I hold my head in my hands, while I try to keep balance of myself on my elbows

“That was beautiful” Matt’s voice startles me, I was expecting he would be long gone “Why did you stop playing?” he asks

I repress the need of rolling my eyes at him and answering with a 'Oh, I don't maybe because I just found out I'm pregnant from my best friend's baby and my emotions are all over the place! “What are you doing here?” I ask, standing up from the seat

“Kira, baby” the nickname takes me by surprise, I didn’t expect he would be still calling me that “Why did you ran away from me? This is the 2nd time you do that”

“Because, Matt, I know you don’t want to be a dad, and I don’t want you next to me, by force. You’re my best friend, I can’t do that to you, force you in—”

He cuts my rambling by smashing his lips on mine and I’m confuse but I kiss him back and he grins against my lips, when I need to take air, he leans his forehead so it’s resting against mine.

“Why-Why did you did that?” I ask clueless

“Because, Kira” he strokes my cheek with his fingers “I though you knew me better” he replies

I look at him confuse and he smiles, a big dimpled smile

“I want everything about you, Kira” he says “I want you, no” he corrects himself “I love you, and I’m more than thrill that you are going to be the mother of my child” he kisses me again, but even though I want nothing more than to kiss him back I break apart

“You-You love me?” I ask, non-believing him

“I do, baby” he smirks “And I know you love me” he states

I smirk, lacing my arms around his neck “And how will you know that?” I ask

“You mumbled it in your sleep, you’re quite a talker, and I always knew you loved my horsecock but it was nice hearing it” he smirks and I slap him, playfully on the chest

“Oh, shut it you!” I blush

“Remeber what happened the last time, you told me to shut up” he warns me “Besides, it’s cute” he takes my face in his hands and strokes both cheeks with his thumbs, before kissing me again “So the song was for me?” he smirks, dimples popping and I give him a nod, blushing at the process

“I loved it” he says, kissing my hair

“So, you’re okay, with the whole pregnancy thing?” I cock an eyebrow at him

“Of course, I am!” he says “I will have a baby from the most beautiful girl in this whole world, the only thing is that…”

“We will have to tell the boys” I finish for him

He grins and takes me in his arms, bridal style, “Exactly, and you know what will happen”

“A lot of shouting, I’m guessing” I smirk and he nods

“But right now, the only shouting I want to hear is yours in the bed” he kisses me again and takes me upstairs to my room, and drops into bed, before taking his shirt off so I can drool on his gorgeous and perfect body again

“I love you, Kira” he breathes

“I love you, too Matt” I reply

I guess after all things do work out


Oh, a new site. well I'll see how this goes...
Posting here wouldn't hurt.
And yes, I feel kicked out of Mibba am I the only one?


I really, really enjoyed it, but you have some grammatical errors you need to fix.
addictedtozacky addictedtozacky
I loveee it! It would make a really good story if you continue ;)
XJay_Stephensx XJay_Stephensx
Um, I actually can't read it due to all the grammar and punctuation mistakes.. You don't end most sentences with punctuation or even in dialogue. I'm sorry, really tunes me off.
IHaveSynned. IHaveSynned.
it's a cute story but there are some grammatical errors. just remember to proofread!!
chelseagrin chelseagrin
This was good! I enjoyed it!
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores