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Finding an old mibba story

Hey all,

About a year or two ago I started reading a story called “Her body is lighting up the room” I end of last year, I was disappointed to find that it’s been taken off the website. But would like to find it or contact the author as it was the only good Leana and jimmy birthday one shot on there and a story I frequently read almost daily.

The author was 431323 and I’d love it if anybody saved it or could find the story elsewhere. I’d be forever eternally grateful!

LostinDreams77 LostinDreams77

In most cases, if a story is gone - it’s gone forever. Saving a story is something that only the author themselves should do, as saving a story that doesn’t belong to you is on the lines of stealing it (unless of course there was permission to save it or the author allows it to be reposted). If the author did post it elsewhere, then I’m certain it’s somewhere. If not, it was probably taken down for a reason.