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Zacky Roleplayer Needed!


My friends and I have a wonderful roleplay server on discord and we are looking for a Zacky roleplayer!

• You must be active enough to be able to interact with the other members often.

• Must have some form of knowledge about Zacky be willing to learn about him

• Need to be 18+ (this is not a hard requirement, however, if you are a minor you will not have access to all channels on the server)

• Must be okay with shipping in a canonical setting. (Matt/Val, Brian/Michelle, Zacky/Meaghan, etc...)

• Must be flexible with conflicting schedules.

• Must be able to write in text channels and LARP (live action roleplay) on voice calls, as well as simply just chat in general. LARPing is not an absolute requirement but if you want to join, you are more than welcome!

• Must be willing to make an Instagram account to roleplay with other members of the servers. We also have twitter and facebook accounts, however, these are not required for everyone!

• Comfortable roleplaying in group style roleplays where there is more than one person present, along with being able to talk to the same people out of character. We have had issues in the past of members singling out one or two people and ignoring others. Our server has become like a family and we like to interact with and get to know everyone equally :)

If you think you might be interested or have any other questions, feel free to message me! I am a moderator for the server and will be more than happy to clear things up. Besides Zacky, we currently have all band member roles filled but we still have several friends and family roles open so if you might be interested in those, please let me know as well!

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