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Top 5 favorite Avenged Sevenfold songs and why :)

So just list your top 5 favorite A7X songs and one of two sentances why you like that song. :D

1. Brompton Cocktail:
It's such a meaningful song, and it really tells a story. It makes me think about life and about things when i listen to it. The guitar parts in it are pretty sweet to.

This is the first Avenged Sevenfold song I ever listened to. I love the meaning behind this song, and I love the sound of it.

3. Dear God
This song is really beautiful, and Matt's voice is pretty much flawless in it. The lyrics are flawless too.

4. So Far Away
This song makes me think of The Rev... and of people who i've lost, and of the people who i love and hope to never lose. I love the guitar parts in this song, and it's a slow and beautiful song.

5.Seize The Day
This song also makes me think about life, and when I listen to it i can really connect to the lyrics and understand them.

so yeah :P
a7xforeverr a7xforeverr
Mine are
1. Bat Country
2. Beast and The Harlot
3. Girl I Know
4. Brompton Cocktail
5. M.I.A.
1. Victim - This song is just beautiful and raw. The harmonies in the bridge just...leave me gobsmacked.

2. Scream - I love this song, it's nothing like anything people would expect me to listen to. Actually A7X is a band that a lot of people I know wouldn't suspect me of listening too...

3. Unholy Confessions - I like this song because...I didn't used to like it.

4. This Means War - The beat is such a head nodder, I love the imagery and just the melody. Not sure what else to say.

5. Requiem - I love the choral chanting, and the bareness of just having Matt's vocals. It's powerful.
The Pies Endure The Pies Endure
1. Radiant Eclipse - One of the first I ever, ever heard by them. I just really love the imagery of the song and how powerful it is.

2. Bat Country - I'm a massive Hunter S. Thompson fan - do I need another reason?

3. Eternal Rest - The first A7X song I ever heard in full, I adore the guitar rhythm and how it just seems to kick to life

4. A Little Piece of Heaven - My shower song XD I'm forever trying to do all the parts when I'm alone in my house.

5. Seize The Day - The song I want to dance to at my wedding :)

1. A Little Piece of Heaven - It's simply a masterpiece, and I honestly don't think the guys can ever top the level of creativity and ingenuity here.

2. I Won't See You Tonight, Part 1: This song is absolutely spine-chilling. Matt's vocals are undeniably powerful on this one, you can just hear the emotion in his voice.

3. Strength of the World: Some of my favorite guitar work from Syn and Zacky is on this seemingly forgotten track from City of Evil. Bad-ass in every possible way.

4. Fiction - Whoo, this song sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it. when Jimmy's vocals came on in the chorus, it was just eerie and chilling. The piano on this song was so haunting that i had to listen to it a second time to take it all in.

5. Second Heartbeat - Fast, aggressive, and just plain fun. Plus a kick-ass solo from Syn to finish it off.

Bastard Bastard

1. Acid Rain- I'm always a big fan of apocalypse stories, so my favorite band writing an apocalypse song is just awesome.
2. A Little Piece of Heaven- I watched the video on how they made this song, and boy was the Rev a genius for thinking this up. Plus, I love zombies along with apocalypse stuff.
3. So Far Away- It's a great tribute to the Rev, and I love the music video. It's a very emotional song, and I love the meaning behind it.
4. Critical Acclaim- It's one of their heaviest pieces, and I love the chorus sung by the Rev. I love any vocals he did. His voice is edgy and higher, which adds a great texture to their songs.
5. Hail to the King- I love the intro and how it is just pure guitar to start. It makes great use of both Zacky and Syn on the guitar doing two different things at once.

dzisland1517 dzisland1517

Bat Country- It's the first song I heard by them Fiction-They played it live at a concert I went to and the song reminds my so much of that concert, which was the first concert I ever went to. And the lyrics are so deep. Warmness on the soul-Just a beautiful song. Welcome to the family-The guitars in it are amasing. So far away-The lyrics and the song in itself is brilliant. I have never heard a song that has made me cry as if my whole family had died but So Far Away did. It left me feeling crap for a whole week. I love to pretend that Jimmy never passed but this song hits hard. It just makes you realise that he's gone. This song also helped me get over my fear of dying for some reason. No idea why but it did...

anonymus anonymus

Okay, top 5 and why!
Bat Country:
I remember seeing it on MTV back in like 2006 or 2005, I can't quite remember. I just thought that the video was so weird! I specifically remember the tub with the octopus in it. And I loved it instantly, the tub scene and the pink fly swatter! I couldn't ever remember the song name, or the band. So it just kind of left my mind.
It was the year after my grandmother passed (2008) when I went over to my cousin's house, and then we went over to her friend's house, and the video for this song was playing, and I thought it was so well done, I loved it. I went home, and researched the band, and listened to pretty much all of their songs, and was surprised to see the song from 2005 that I loved so much!
I remember watching the Live in the LBC album, and seeing them perform the song Scream, obviously it was on the self titled, but I don't think I payed much attention to it until then, I loved how just raw it sounded. Still one of my favorites!

Beast and the Harlot:
I wanted to be in the video soooooooooooooo bad! Cause they had fans play in the video, and I thought that was awesome!

I think my last favorite song which is the hardest to choose because I love them all so much, is So Far Away:
I went to see Avenged live in 2011, and they played this song, and I cried because of how much emotion there was. Everyone was quiet. It was just emotion, we all missed Jimmy. We were all still grieving.

Billiehobo Billiehobo

ok, here we go.

1. Seize the day- Mostly because it was the first of their songs I heard. I was looking a song to play at an event and a friend showed me the marvelous solo and I couldn't get enough of them ever since.

2. Scream- It just has... this vibe to it. Something very groovy. Something very laid back. Easily my favorite song.

3. Girl I know - I'm always been a fan of something heavier and the riff is purely groundbreaking. Also one of the first songs I heard and when Syn's solo comes, I just want to disappear in the music and never come back.

4. So Far Away - A tribute to Rev. It's deep, meaningful and I had tears in my eyes the first time I heard it.

5. Second Heartbeat- I'm usually not a big fan of the scream parts and parts where I can't hear the words properly, but it just fits it so perfectly. And the intro...

Devil Price Devil Price

1. Bat Country- It is extremely catchy and gets stuck in my head

2. Scream- It is laid back and it's lyrics are absolutely just amazing to me

3. A Little Piece of Heaven- Just a masterpiece, that's all I can say

4. Critical Acclaim- The guitar riff is just epic and Matt's vocals sound excellent

5. Nightmare- I just think this one was beautifully done and was very close to a draw with Buried Alive :3

Bat Country26 Bat Country26
Dear God : i love this song so much its amazing. i cant get rid of listening to it. its amazing. i love it. the lyrics are just perfect and the way matt voice's sounds is incredible.
Seize The Day : i think its like my top1 because its the first a7x song i've ever listened to. its back in 2010, my friend showed me the song because she hated it and she wanted to show me how bad the song was. but i fell in love with it. and 4 years later, i cried at the concert during their performance of it.
So Far Away : its just.... so emotional... its one of my favorite song EVER, not just one of my fav of a7x
Second Heartbeat : idk man i just like it so so so much
Afterlife : idk i just fell in love with this song one morning on the bus on my way to school. my ipod was on shuffle and afterlife came on and i was like ┬źdamn i have to put it on repeat!┬╗ aha

sad that it was just 5 songs, because i have so many more. like Critical Acclaim, Unbound (The Wild Ride), Bat Country, MIA, Until The End, Hail To The King, St. James, the whole Nightmare album seriously ahaha, Warmness On The Soul, The Art Of Subconscious Illusion, Unholy Confessions and so many more ahahahah
imissedhim_a7x imissedhim_a7x

Unholy Confessions - First song I ever heard and the reason I started listening to them.
Bat Country - Just so damn catchy!
Strength of the World - I don't know why it just caught and held my attention, start to finish!
Girl I Know - Always sing along to this song, reminds me of a friend of mine ;)
Dear God - Other then the fact that its a brilliant song, my 6yr old daughter makes me sing it to her whenever I have to go away so it HAS to make the list :D
Reader92 Reader92

Seize the Day- Just because it's a really beautiful song with a beautiful meaning, I can never get tired listening to this song
Sidewinder- Man! This song has so much rhythm to it, like, I think this song is so underrated and the guitars at the end are really nice to listen to.
Natural Born Killer- I love the everything about this song, it makes me want to headbang or flip a table, it's so good. Matt's vocals are really stand out.
Burn it Down- The song sounds really different because of the key it's in but they still sound amazing and everything is so high energy.
Blinded in Chains- I don't know why I like this song so much but I do, and the ending is so creative.
Wow, it's hard to pick just five :U

sevendeadlysynz sevendeadlysynz

1 warmness on the soul
2 second heartbeat
3 to end the rapture
4 i wont see you tonight p1
5 cant decide=welcome to the family, nightmare

#67002 #67002

1. Warmness on the Soul-it just has that sort of feel to it. and it sounds so amazing.
2. Burn it Down- I love "I wont help you let you run away"
3. Gunslinger-His voice
4. Afterlife-Reminds me of the rev all the time
5. A Little Piece of Heaven-its really beautiful

A.Dickinson A.Dickinson

This is hard oh my gosh...

1. Brompton Cocktail - It's really powerful yet relaxed. I sing it 24/7 and hav it memorized >.<<br>
2. A Little Piece of Heaven - ITS NOT OFTEN A SONG HAS STORY LIKE THIS I'm actually writing sheet music for this atm for a band arrangement..

3. Eternal Rest - I love to listen to this one the guitar is amazing!! I also love having duets t this with my screaming sis cx

4. Beast And The Harlot - My friend says this is my theme song.. Its my ringer for everything except my girlfriend

5. Scream - I just love this song all together. Its sexy and wild... My friend says I sing it well and calls it the rape song XD

6. Demons - I had to do six because I love this song a lot a lot a lot...Its my theme no matter what my friend says cx

StallionDuckie StallionDuckie

Hard to choose just five but here it goes:

1. So Far Away-its just beautiful, has a great melody and just powerful meaning

2.Warmness on the Soul-tells the one you love how you feel and just speaks to you if you truly love someone

3.A Little Piece of Heaven-its so unique and original, how can you not love it

4.Nightmare-was the first song i ever heard by this band, and it just tells so much and shows the...feels of losing someone and how it affects those alive as well as the deceased

5.Brompton Cocktail-it is just fantastic and sounds very well put together, one of their best in my opinion

Senpai_John777 Senpai_John777

The songs I love are....

1. Scream- It's just an interesting and sexy song, and it has a good beat.

2. A Little Piece of Heaven- It reminds me a lot of Jimmy, and it's the first A7X song I listened to.

3. Bromption Cocktail- Another song that reminds me of Jimmy, and I love it's uniqueness.

4. Welcome to the family- I'm a huge Creepypasta fan, and this reminds me so much of it. I know all the lyrics.

5. Lost- I'm in a time in my life where I seriously need to step it up and fix my problems, and I can relate to this song pretty well.

Much fucking love,
El <3

Hermit Eel Hermit Eel

1. Warmness On The Soul - It's such a beautiful song that has an amazing piano part to it that makes it wonderful.
2. Blinded In Chains - The beginning beat of this song is what got me hook, other than the whole song in general being awesome.
3. A Little Piece Of Heaven - Story of my life in a way when it comes to love lol.
4. So Far Away - I reminisce about the ones I've lost when I hear this song.
5. Crimson Day - Not sure why I like this song, I think I just love ballads like this and hearing M. Shadows' voice.

LadyRevenge LadyRevenge

1. Dear God- it just makes me realize how important the people around me are.
2. Beast and the Harlot- man, that guitar solo! I find it way too addictive.
3. Warmness on the soul- it assures me that someone is out there who will protect and care about me always
4. Scream- I just can't stop singing this song!
5. Fiction- I love Jimmy's voice, and this one always reminds me of him:)

DaphneG DaphneG