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Meeting A7X

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet a member of the band? If yes, tell us what it was like! If not, say what you would do if you did meet them.


I've met Matt and Johnny seven times, Zacky and Syn five times, and lastly I've met Arin four times. I never got a chance to meet Jimmy -a huge sadness of mine. I wish I would've gotten a chance!

If you're wondering how to meet them -find the tourbuses after a show and wait! It's a guarenteed way to meet the band. Sometimes the guards will even set up a mini-meet-up. A lot of times the waits can be long and cold, but it's always worth it (unless the band wishes to head straight to the next destination, but hey, there's always a next time). 

Talking with the boys is always a hoot. They're all super down-to-earth and love to meet with the fans. I've never had a bad experience with any of them. Matt and Johnny are definitely the most social! Zee and Syn are a bit more reserved (well, unless they're drunk).

The best part about meeting them is that they remember you. I'm always against the barricades at shows, so if they look down, they recognize me (it's a surefire way to get picks, setlists, and even shout-outs!) Honestly, it's so worth it! If you can wait after a show, do it, because meeting your biggest heroes is the best experience you could ask for.
coward. coward.
I'm dying to meet at least one of them before I die. I missed out on meeting Matt and Arin at the first show I went to. I sat outside the venue for 2 hours, but I was freezing my balls off (which was weird because it was like 40-45 degrees, but I was also damp and sweaty) and then I was exhausted. We were also told by one of the security guys that the guys had the next day off so if they were coming out, it would've been super late. I left at like 1:30 am, heard that Arin came out around 3:30 am and Matt came out around 4 am. I'm bummed I missed it, but I was shivering pretty violently...

Umm, can I sort of say that I met Jimmy? I did have the honor of visiting his grave a couple of times last year and this year. Standing by that gravestone was a really surreal feeling, and to me, standing there knowing that he was right under my feet felt like I was standing there talking to him in a sense.
Synyster Lisa Synyster Lisa
I have always been jealous of my friend who lives in Wisconsin, because she's met pretty much every member of every band she's ever seen. She gave me the same advice - stay by the tour bus. It's a surefire way to meet them.

When you live in Australia, most bands don't have tourbuses. You have to wait at the back of a venue and pray.

That being said, I've met Matt. It was back when the band did a show in May of 2008, and my friend and I waited for about an hour at the back fence with a group of people until the band finally came out the back of the venue. The security guard was yelling at them all, telling them to get into the van that had been provided so they could be taken straight to their hotel, but Matt ignored him and came straight over to the waiting group of fans.

As has already been said, he was very down-to-earth and friendly. It was obvious that he was pretty tired, but he signed autographs and took a few photos with fans (through the fence) before finally getting on the bus and leaving.

It wasn't some magical moment like a lot of people claim to have, but it was lovely. It's something I'll never forget.
Haylie Jaed Haylie Jaed
I've never met them but I've held a sign at the barrier in Duluth, MN and Matt said that I could hang out backstage. So I did while they did the rest of their set. I never got to meet them but they all waved at me and Syn sent me a Cupid's arrow. 

I always like to gush about this, but have never had a chance to meet them. I'd like to someday.
NikkiAmber09 NikkiAmber09

I know this hasn't been touched in 3 years but I have to anyways.

I was at NAMM in January because I was working for Fender and doing lighting. Well I happened to find out that A7X would be doing a signing.

There isn't much to really compile into a story but I got to meet Syn, Zacky, and Johnny. FINALLY! After 10 years of loving this band I FINALLY got to meet 3 of them. It was a quick meet and greet so I didn't get to take pictures with them but they were super nice and happy to meet their fans. I was actually taken aback at how chill they were!!! Even standing in the room seeing them before meeting them I couldn't believe my eyes. I began to lose hope that I'd ever have this moment. Just to shake their hands and tell them how much I love their music. Hearing how appreciative they were to hear it.

I stumbled over my words when talking to Zacky because I was lost in those god damn gorgeous eyes of his.

Synyster Lisa Synyster Lisa